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Beauty is seldom everlasting, but with Nanotex it can be.

As the contract industry’s first high-performance nanotechnology, Nanotex is the tested and trusted solution for building permanent spill and stain resistance right into the molecular structure of the fiber.  Through application of advanced physics, combining the principles of electronegativity, surface energy, covalent bonding and crosslinking polymers, Nanotex protects the beauty of your design from spills and stains, while maintaining the fabric’s natural hand and breathability, as well as any inherent flame-retardant properties.

What’s more, Nanotex is environmentally friendly and uses no formaldehyde, PFOA or VOCs.  It extends the life of the fabric by enhancing durability, but will not impact its recyclability. In sheeting, Nanotex enhances sleep comfort through improved fabric wickability, temperature control, softness and appearance retention.

Nanotex is owned by Crypton, the highest user of performance technology for upholstery in the U.S., and as such, the most advanced textile technology company in the contract space. Such is the demand for Nanotex type benefits that we have worked with scientists to incorporate synthesized botanical DNA as unique markers directly into our finish so you can always be assured you are getting genuine Nanotex technology and not a generic alternative.

Nanotex for contract usage is currently distributed exclusively by Applied Textiles – 616.559.6100.  For more information on Nanotex technology, please contact

You expect the beauty of your design to stand the test of time.  With Nanotex, your expectations will be exceeded.

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