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Get your favorite fabrics performing on a new level.

Nanotex, powered by Crypton, elevates fabrics to stand up to everything. Offering superior spill and stain resistance coupled with remarkable performance and durability, Nanotex brings you more than just high performing technical fabrics, we give you the freedom of choice.


Solutions made simple.

Select the performance you need on the fabrics you want. Nanotex is synonymous with permanent stain resistance; however, should you need more performance, simply specify it. You can easily add:

  • NanoGuard (permanent moisture barrier)
  • Odor Resistance

Nanotex + NanoGuard provides a complete resistant solution.

Think of us as a molecular force field.

Working on a molecular level to prevent stains and fend off moisture. Nanotex, powered by Crypton, combines the principles of electronegative surface-energy, covalent bonding and crosslinking polymers to permanently bond-to and protect each fiber. Protecting fabrics at the microscopic level.

  • High oil, liquid and stain repellency
  • NSF 336 Compliant
  • High level of cleanability
  • Chemistry is engineered to the fiber type
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • No PFOA, PFOS, or PFCs


We help you design for the performance you need.


  • Task & desk chairs
  • Side chairs & sofas
  • Cubicle

Hotel Rooms

  • Chairs & sofas
  • Headboards
  • Top-of-bed


  • Chairs
  • Banquettes
  • Bar stools


  • Lobby chairs & sofas
  • Cubicle drapery

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Heather Prescott
Nanotex Customer Service Representative

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