Home Textiles


Eco-Conscious Spill Repellency

Home is where the heart is, but unfortunately that’s where spills and stains like to live, too. That’s why Nanotex is the best choice to maintain the appearance and increase the life of your home textiles by keeping them cleaner and fresher for longer. Nanotex protects your home textiles with soft, durable applications that provide the right balance of comfort and performance. Nanotex brings innovative solutions that resist spills and repel stains.

Resists spills
Maintains the natural hand of the fabric
Eco-friendly Technology
Perfect for Bed, Bath and Dining


Resists Spills & Releases Stains is featured in Nanotex® aSure by Sunbury Textile Mills. This new product line provides fluid barrier technology, causing many liquids to bead up and roll of the fabric. To learn more, visit Sunbury Textile Mills’ website.

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